Thursday, October 13, 2016

Six Flags Fright Fest

We took advantage of an open Saturday and headed to Six Flags to check out Fright Fest! It was unseasonably hot, but we had fun!
This man rode Mindbender! He said he didn't like the loop, but yay for trying it! He was also tall enough to ride Harley Quinn (like a tilt-a-whirl) and loved it!

It was super hot out but lots of fun!

Charlie giving a superhero pose with daddy!

Nay and Livy joined us for some rides.

Merry go round!

Charlie said he could drive because Pops taught him how to drive the boat!
When Livy was scared on the ride, Sissy was so sweet putting her arm around her.

Riding Wonder Woman while wearing a Wonder Woman shirt!

Cuties in a Batcopter!

Charlie and I rode the Daffy Duck buckets and got pleasantly wet! Not my favorite ride, but it was so hot that it was nice.

As it got dark, the lights were turned off on the roller coasters making it especially thrilling! Sissy thought Mindbender was awesome in the dark! The grownups took turns staying with the kids and riding the big coasters! Batman was very awesome in the dark! Thankfully, the actors walking around adding the "fright" in Fright Fest did not interfere with the kids' good time!

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