Sunday, October 9, 2016

Afternoon in the Park

PThe first grade classes met up at the park for a class social. Despite being the end of September it was incredibly hot! I couldn't blame them for enjoying finding shade climbing in the trees!

Charlie was so delighted to find his friend Braxton playing at the park!

The ice cream truck showed up and the kids were delighted! SG and her friend Corina enjoyed sour bomb popsicles! Hard to believe that she and Corina have been going to school together since they were 2! 

Hanging out with her buddy Ethan.

Charlie was so delighted that when his friend Braxton had to go home, his friend Michael showed up!

SG has learned to pump her legs and go high! Charlie is earnestly working on doing it too! It might not be long before Aaron and I will be out of a job at the swing set.

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