Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lake Time

We wanted to get in one more weekend of being on the water at the lake before the temperatures get too cool.
We started off that Friday evening with some fun play for the kids. Pops had a huge box in the garage that he taught them to hide in and jump out to scare us! They would turn off the lights and wait before they jumped out screaming like zombies. It was pretty funny!

Then, Pops broke out the sparklers!

The kids have been intrigued by them, but a little fearful of the possibility of being burned. Then, Aunt Nay had a brilliant idea to use cups to protect their hands.
She overcame her fear and had a great time doing it!

He loved it, but was a little nervous doing it!

Lovie with her sweet boy!

 I ordered a Super Mable raft for us to try out! It was very comfortable and fun to ride.

Lucy caught a nap on the boat

Nay and all the kids took a ride on the raft. Livy was excited to get a turn on the raft.


Mom pulled out a set of building toys that were Jeanne's and the kids, especially Charlie, fell in love!

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