Sunday, October 23, 2016

Epcot Day at Disney

The kids had a four day weekend for fall break and we couldn't resist making the most of it and taking a short trip to Disney!

Ready for Disney!

Woohoo! We are ready to be in Epcot!

Excited to be at Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival! 

Love them in their darling Mickey and Minnie ears!

The moment we got into Epcot, we made our way to the new Frozen ride. I tried hard to get a Fastness for it, but couldn't. So, we waited in the long line.
My pretty girl excited to be at Disney!

Can't wait to see what Elsa has in store for us!

Elsa proclaimed a summer snow day!

Check out Arendele!

Yoo-hoo! Family!

The animatronics in this ride are really well done! They included the songs and the major pieces that the kids love from the movie!

There is an added surprise when the boat switches gears and reverses its way down the other side of the ride showing a whole new set of scenes!

We had a chance to meet Snow White while we made our way through Germany. Charlie got nervous and decided he did not want his picture with her.

Charlie did enjoy the Finding Nemo ride with daddy!

 It was hugs all around when we met Mickey!

We all enjoyed meeting Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie! The characters are so sweet to the kids and they love getting all the autographs!

We also met Joy and Sadness from Inside Out!

I had no idea who this robot was, but the kids knew he was Baymax from Big Hero 6!

 We lucked up and met Anna and Elsa without waiting in much of a line!

I love how they held hands while they waited for their turn!

Sissy wore her Frozen dress hoping she would get to ride the ride and meet the princesses! I am so glad that it worked out!

To make the most of their fall break from school, we left to go to Disney on a Thursday evening as soon as Sarah Graves finished her gymnastics class. In our haste to get on the road, we forgot to grab her tennis shoes that she wore to school that day and only had her flip flops with us! Poor thing felt so awkward wearing her flip flops to Disney and is not used to walking in them very long! Her feet were killing her and finally I spotted these Minnie Mouse Crocs! They even light up! She was set for the rest of the trip!

Charlie was getting so tired by the time we took this picture. He started to nod off in the stroller and I lured him out with the promise that he could go to sleep as soon as we took the picture.

I was surprised that she made it up to see the Illuminations fireworks show that night. We had a late night getting to Disney and the fireworks start pretty late. She was excited and enjoyed watching them.

We had a great first day in Disney! The weather was gorgeous, we were in good spirits, and we were able to do all the things we wanted and more!

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