Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mommy Charlie Date Night!

Sissy and Daddy had a father daughter dance in the spring and this year the mommies and little boys had a special date night at a school carnival! Charlie was thrilled to get a special outing.

The bouncy fun caught his attention the moment we arrived! He enjoyed an obstacle course, super slide, and a play area that seemed to be the favorite for all the boys!

He was so excited to show off his preschool playground and had a great time playing in there!

He was pretty keen to check out the cotton candy available!

 He had a great time decorating his "zombie" pumpkin! He used a lot of red to draw blood coming out of his head and even gave his zombie some stitches! The moment he woke up the next morning he was downstairs checking on his pumpkin! So cute!

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