Monday, November 16, 2015

Birthday Party People

Not only did we go to a Halloween party, but the next day we had 2 birthday parties for dear friends! Our weekends are pretty low key and suddenly we were party people!

These sweet boys, Miles and Max, turned one! Sarah and I have been good friends since we met over 8 years ago working as interns at Home Depot! So happy to celebrate this milestone for her sweet babies.

The kids were really sweet to the birthday boys and tried hard to be gentle and remember how to treat babies.

 The boys had smash cakes with whipped cream frosting and decorated with their favorite treat, blueberries! They quickly dug in and decided they really liked it!

Next up was a construction themed party for our buddy Cooper turning three!

The day of the party Cooper decided he was more of a firefighter!

Decorating hard hats was a big hit!

After two parties in one day we were pooped, but we had fun doing it!

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