Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Saturday night it was time for the wedding! We made efforts to have quiet time in the afternoon before we got ready so everyone could be their best!

My sweet kiddos looking so darling all dressed up!

Zack and Nicole were married at St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. I was so proud of how well both of the kids behaved during mass. Sarah Graves was so quiet and still that I couldn't believe it! Charlie did a good job of staying seated and not shouting out. I was so happy!
He was in awe of the murals on the ceiling.

Such a cuddly kind of guy!

After the ceremony we did second line to the reception site. I have never done a second line through the French Quarter and it was awesome! There was a brass band playing and the route was blocked off as we paraded through the streets to Jack's Brewery! A very memorable event!

This cutie was eager to parade.

Sarah Graves proudly marched through the streets holding Lovie's hand and waving her handkerchief.

Charlie immediately caught on to the fun and was so proud to join in!

The reception was a lot of fun with a great band, good food, and lots of family.

Sarah Graves loved being with her cousins! Abby and Emmie were flower girls in the wedding and Fisher and Brennan were on hand to dance.

Maw Maw Bourgeois was a dancing queen that night and Sarah Graves had fun dancing with her.

Pops got out on the dance floor with the kids!

Dad and his sisters.

Dad and Maw Maw dancing together.

Dad, Aunt Rosalie, and Maw Maw

Maw Maw and her kids all together

Sarah Graves had a ball! There was a photo booth with props that she and her cousins loved going and taking pictures. She danced and partied until after midnight!

The wedding cake was delicious! Sarah Graves was in awe of it from the moment we arrived at the reception and couldn't wait to get some. It did not disappoint.

Nicole picked gorgeous flowers for the wedding! The colors were beautiful.

I have to compliment Charlie because wherever we go, when he gets tired, he conks out. It makes it so easy to go some place like that with him and know that he will just go to sleep without a problem.

We had such a great time at the wedding! It was a lot of fun to celebrate Zack and Nicole and enjoy being with family. I am always so grateful when the kids have a chance to know their cousins and make great memories with their extended family.

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