Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sunday Funday!

We got up Sunday morning and joined everyone for breakfast. The newlyweds came down and all the family, too. Sarah Graves was beyond excited to see her cousins again!
The kids could see the trolley stop from the hotel and Charlie very badly wanted to ride it just like Daniel Tiger! Aunt Linda, Pat, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Tim, Eric, Jennifer and all the kids decided we were up for a trolley ride. Once we were on the trolley we figured we might as well ride the streetcar too. Dad navigated for us and we rode all the way up and back! On our way back we got off to check out a Blues Festival before heading back to go home. 

Playing trolley while waiting to ride!

Charlie with Daddy.

SG quickly ditched us to be with her cousins and ended up toward the back. I guess that's a preview of her teenage years!

Riding with Pops

It was hard to say goodbye to our sweet family.

We knew it would be a late night getting back but we had a great time! It was just a weekend but we had so much fun and made so many memories that I know we will hold onto for years to come.

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