Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paci Free!

It has been two weeks since we became a paci free household and we are doing well.
We always said when the paci caused problems we would get rid of it. During our last dentist visit he had concerns about his palate and the paci was the problem. It was extremely difficult to know that we had to take a comfort item away, but also knew it was the thing we as parents had to do. We agonized over the best way to do it. Finally, I decided we would go shop for a desired toy and each child would "pay" with their pacis. They were anxious about giving them up, but in the end did it with ease!

A couple of last time paci pictures! I also got a couple of paci kisses! 

Sarah Graves went first and although it was a tough choice, decided she wanted Grace, the Americsn Girl doll for 2015.
She has been dreaming of this doll for months and happily handed over her pacis to the cashier!

She loves the doll and hasn't mentioned her paci at bedtime or during the night. Phew!

We were more worried about Charlie willingly giving up his. He doesn't have the long list of wants that SG has, so we decided a teddy bear might be a good way to go. He quickly picked the dark brown teddy and had fun building it. 
We call him Super Bear for obvious reasons.

This cashier was so kind and understanding. She understood what we were doing and happily let Charlie count out his pacis and hand them over. He did it willingly and has only cried for them a couple of times. He did search Lovie and Pops' house for some! Momma and Daddy are surviving too. It was great having something to comfort them so easily, but proud of how well they adjusted and moved on. 

All smiles on the playground!

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