Friday, May 8, 2015

Going to the Dentist

It was time for check-ups and based on a feeling, I brought the kids to a new dentist. His name is Dr. Schwartz, but I called him Dr. Shorts to make it more fun and did the line from Lego Movie that SG loves, "honey, where are my shorts!" It made her laugh and we went in feeling relaxed.
Lovie came along to help out since these appointments have been difficult in the past. The kids settled in for a story while we waited.

The office is done in a circus theme, which Charlie enjoyed.

The kids LOVED Dr. Shorts! There was no cajoling or begging required. He was respectful and patiently explained everything before he did it.

Charlie typically screams when the dentist wants to look much less actually let them clean his teeth. I was so relieved! I am thankful that I listened to my instinct and sought out a new dentist.

SG has 2 cavities that are in areas between teeth in the back. We will go back to have work done on those and hopefully that will go well!

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