Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?

I know those aren't the song lyrics, but I had that stuck in my head during a recent trip for a work conference to Santa Fe, NM.
This was the first time going to this conference without the kids. I missed them a lot, but also enjoyed the time to attend my meetings and dinners without rushing back to the room. They are more grown up now and did great without me! 

The bear was part of the room decor!

My hotel was nice and I fell in love with the city! We did a walking tour and checked out some local art and shopping. We also had a great dinner at s place where the servers also perform show tunes!

Santa Fe is one of the first places the Native Amwricans began bringing chocolate in from Mexico. They were drinking the chocolate mixed with chilies. We visited a chocolate house to try some!

I missed Aaron and the kids like crazy! I was so happy to get in Friday night and be with them! They were happy to see me and very happy to get their prizes - an Elsa Frozen Fever doll and a Paw Patrol Pup Pad!

I missed them so!

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