Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mother's Day

We had a great mother's day! It was a relaxed day spent enjoying time together having fun. I couldn't have asked for more! 
Aaron and the kids had sweet and thoughtful gifts and cards they were eager to give me. Then, we went out for bagels and a few things at Costco (I love going to Costco!).
My parents had everyone at their house for a delicious lunch! Dad smoked a fabulous brisket, and mom made the most heavenly smoked gouda mac'n cheese, spinach salad, and cake and ice cream for dessert! 

We had time for the kids to play and hang out. They love to play with Livy!

Livy loved on her momma.

Sarah Graves helped me make this "bouquet" of scratch offs for Lovie and couldn't wait to give it to her! None of our tickets were really winners, but it was fun to do!

They all love each other so!

Getting a little handstand practice!

The big treat was the kids played and hung out while the grownups watched the move, "Hidden Figures!" I never get to sit for a movie and it was so nice to see a good one!

I really enjoyed our relaxing day with family.

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