Sunday, May 21, 2017

Carita Feliz Came to Visit!

Charlie was thrilled to take his turn having Carita Feliz come to visit us for a couple of days! Carina Feliz is the mascot for his Spanish teacher and each kid gets to take Carita Feliz home for a couple of days, do things with Carita Feliz, and fill it out in a journal. He was so pumped for it to be his turn! It was really special that it was Carita Feliz's birthday!
He came up with ideas for cute pictures and what he wanted to show Carita Feliz at our house.
He had to show his Batman toys!

His new Tender Heart bear from Build A Build

He staged this himself to show how he sells ice cream!

Sarah Graves couldn't resist the chance to join in the fun!

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