Monday, November 17, 2014

It's a Girl!

Hard to believe that in a few weeks my sister will be having a baby girl! We celebrated Jeanne' with a baby shower attended by friends and a lot of family. It turned into a bit of a weekend long celebration.

Sarah Graves was excited to be with her cousin Brennan. She talks a lot about her cousins and it was so nice for her to be with them.

Aunts and cousins all had a good time visiting together.

Andrea and Maw Maw 

These sweet friends have all played tennis together for many years.

Harry was the hit of the party and so sweet to let everyone pass him around.

Jeanne' and Ms. Janan

Jeanne' and her godmother, Michelle

Jeanne' and Boo Boo

Aunt Rosalie, Maw Maw, and Jeanne'

three generations

We played bingo while she opened gifts and a few of the items turned contentious - who did have the crib sheet?

Sarah Graves thoroughly enjoyed helping to open gifts and proudly gave Olivia some of her favorite things - a lovie, a blankie, and pacis.

Mom and Ms. Janan

cutting the cake

Jeanne's friend made this awesome diaper motorcycle!  It was so cute.

We played the game where you get a clothespin and if you say "baby" someone can take it. With a little help from her friends, Sarah Graves collected a bunch and ended up tying with Boo Boo. She was so pleased to win a gift card to Chick Fil A.

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