Wednesday, November 19, 2014

After Party

After the shower there was time for the family to be together and just relax. The guys joined us and we enjoyed each other's company.
BB playing with Charlie "ghost"

Aunt Tammy building castles with him.

Jeanne' and Maw Maw looking on at all the fun.

These cousins had some fun games of hide and seek.

Charlie and Aunt Tammy laughing.

As the hour got late, Charlie got in Lovie's lap first to read a book, then quickly fell asleep in her arms. Such a sweet glimpse at what a day is like for the two of them.

This shot is from Halloween night when everyone met up and thoroughly enjoyed time to catch up and visit together. Hearing their stories and their laughter reminded me of why I wanted a large dining room with a table to hold lots of family. I hope we have much more laughter like that to come.

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