Sunday, October 4, 2015

Letter Month Thirty-Six

Dear Charlie,
First off, sorry that this letter is long over due. You and Sissy keep me and Daddy hopping!
You, my precious boy, have been so busy changing from a baby into a boy. It is somewhat surreal to watch it happen before my eyes. I feel privileged to do so. It has been difficult for you and that makes me hurt too.
When you began climbing out of your crib on a regular basis, we decided it was time to transition into a toddler bed. You have always struggled with falling asleep and have never mastered doing it on your own. Being able to easily climb in and out of your bed only made it more challenging. Daddy has the most patience to stay with you, rock you, and help you fall asleep. Some nights it takes a couple of hours and is difficult. Napping wasn't any better until Lovie developed the routine of driving you to the "store" until you fell asleep. You picked up on it pretty quickly and decided you don't want to go to the store! Sitting in the carseat gets you still and helps you fall asleep. You and Daddy logged many miles taking late night drives through Atlanta to get you to sleep. Then, we just put a carseat in the house so that you could sit in it to fall asleep and then we move you to your bed. You don't need it every night, but some nights you do. You have been in limbo with your nap taking one some days and others just refusing to go to sleep. I wish you could give it up, but most of the time when you don't have a nap, you fall asleep around dinner time and it is a nightmare getting you to sleep at bedtime.
Your preference for falling asleep is to be rocked and nursed until you fall asleep. Yep, we have been nursing for three years now! It is getting harder for me, but you still ask to do it and I haven't been able to tell you no. I am ready to stop, but haven't been able to do it yet. It is such sweet time connecting with you and I fear losing that.
You finished out the school year at Buckhead Prep and did so well in your first year of school! You learned so much going from doing everything with the teacher's help to being able to do some of the work like coloring in a stencil on your own. You have learned all your numbers, shapes, and colors very well. You recognize some letters and know some letter sounds.
When the dentist expressed concern about how the paci might be affecting your mouth, we knew it was time to say goodbye to it. You were very attached to it and I was vey worried about how you would sleep without it. You might struggle to fall asleep, but at least you stay asleep all night. We explained that you would be getting a teddy bear, something you wanted for a while, and that you would pay for it with your pacis. The sales person was so nice and helped you count out each one. You never wavered and only asked for it a couple of times. It was hard for you to watch Livy enjoy hers, but you didn't take it from her.
We changed our routine when school finished and I started dropping you and Sissy off in the mornings. It gave you more time with me, which you really desire, and it gives you more time with Sissy everyday. I think it feels good to you to be dropped off with her and for the three of us to be together. It took a few weeks, but we settled into a nice routine and manage to get out the door pretty easily in the morning.
During the summer you started swim lessons and you are doing great. You like the water and have no fear of it, so it made the lessons a lot smoother. You really want to play football, but until you are old enough for that, swimming will do well!
Over the summer we also started potty training. You really are ready for it, but not that interested in it. We continue to move forward trying to be patient with you as you sort out this transition from being a baby into a little boy. When you want to do it, you tell us you need to go and it is great. The problem is, you don't care most of the time and just don't want to sit on the potty! It will happen. It just takes time.
You continue to be a pretty good eater. You like fruit a lot and don't tend to love sweets. You can be adventurous asking to try meats or vegetables being offered. You tend to like to think over new things before you decide to take the leap. If we are patient and let you check things out on your own terms, you are much more willing to try. You don't respond well to be being pushed.
You wear a size 3T clothes and a size 9 shoe. You are not the biggest kid amounts your peers, but you have so much personality! That is proving helpful as you transition to a new school and make new friends. I think you will do just great in Mr. Peter's 3 year old preschool class at St. Benedict's!
You love your sister and your cousin, Livy. You get a little jealous of how much Sissy can do and you definitely envy baby Olivia moving in as the baby of the family. You love them both, but have to be reminded of how important a spot you hold in our life as well. You never have to worry about being loved.
We love you more than we can ever say and our family just wouldn't be the same without you. You make us laugh, you make us proud, and you show us so much love. I am forever grateful to be your momma.

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