Saturday, October 3, 2015

Letter Month Sixty-Six

Dear Sarah Graves,
First off, sorry that this letter is long overdue. You and Charlie keep us busy!
Five years old is a wonderful age for you! You have become so much more mature, a lot more easy going, and you are aware of other people's feelings. It is fun to talk with you and hear how you interpret situations and see the world. You like for things to be fair and you are generous. You will share what you have with your brother or a friend and it is sweet to see.
In February you took the big step to take classes preparing for your first communion and you made your first communion. You were earnest and sincere about it, which made me feel proud. You also ate the host and dipped it in the chalice, which made me proud because I know how worried you were that you wouldn't like the way it tasted. I can only believe that God was with you as you took it the first time and gave you the courage and conviction to see it through.
 You graduated from pre-k, which was a big milestone for you. You were very proud to perform at the graduation ceremony. At the end of the school year you said goodbye to Little Apron and the wonderful teachers and friends you have there. I was sad to see the change in our routine and felt lonely going into the office without you each morning.
You spent the summer going to camp at Bulkhead Prep where you worked hard on handwriting, math, and early reading skills. You were a little disappointed in how much work there was there, but once you settled in, you did well and learned tons! I was so impressed when a skirt of Lovie's reminded you of an Andy Warhol painting and you went on to accurately describe his style of art.
You made the very difficult change to give up your paci. We expected it to be very difficult, but when it was time to do it, you did it and never looked back. We went to the American Girl Doll store and you bought the girl of the year doll, Grace, with your pacis. You had been wanting Grace since you first saw her at the beginning of the year and you were thrilled to get her! Since then, you have been very focused on American Girl dolls and all their accessories.
We started reading the Grace series of books and you quickly decided you like chapter books (no pictures) and we quickly read all three about Grace. I relished reading those books with you at bedtime. That is the time of day I look forward to the most, cuddled up with you in your bed enjoying the story we are reading and looking forward to reading more the next night.
You continued taking swim lessons all summer and you made a lot of improvement. You mostly have freestyle down and you are definitely water safe. As much as I wanted to see you continue on with swimming, gymnastics is your passion and what you are fixated on right now. You traded in your dance shoes and decided to take part in the church choir, which I think will be good for you. One of your career aspirations is being a rock star - that is along with being a mommy and a nurse!
Back in January we started a feeding routine known as Division of Responsibility. This method advocates that meals are served family style, we have at least 2 foods at every meal that you consider safe to eat, and dessert is served with the meal. The division of responsibility comes in because Daddy and I decide when food is served and what is served. You get to decide whether you are going to eat and how much. The goal was to make mealtime a pleasant time and take the anxiety out of it. I think we have been successful with that. You haven't been on as many food jags and you look forward to family mealtime and actually feel disappointed when we don't sit down together. Your food choices haven't changed and are limited to yogurt, yogurt smoothies, and carb foods that lean toward the sweet. However, we are sticking with this and hoping that showing you balanced meals will lead you to one day try some of the meats, fruits, and vegetables offered.
You wear a size 5 clothes and a size 11/12 shoes. You have a great smile, love to make up cheesy jokes, are fixated on YouTube videos, narrate your life like you are making a video, love your brother, are made crazy by your brother, and are an all around sweet girl. I really enjoy spending time with you and feel so lucky to be your momma.

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