Friday, September 11, 2015

Party Details

I did a rocket ship theme for Charlie's 3rd birthday. We had a few possible choices, but eventually this theme was his pick.

I found this adorable invitation design on Etsy

I also bought a set of party printables from this shop on Etsy.

I was a little worried about doing a party so far away from home but with planning and help from my sister, mom, and grandmothers getting it set up, I think it came together well. 

Mom usually does the cake for the kids' birthdays, but this time there just wasn't time for that. So, I ordered a basic cake from Costco and made these cake toppers. I was pleased with how it turned out and it definitely took a lot of stress away from the day of the party.

I did this centerpiece to give a shout out to Charlie's 3rd birthday and put cutouts of sons, planets, and rocket ships on the table to bring the theme outside. Thanks to my sister and her cameo for making these cutout shapes really easy!

I found cute space themed party bags on Oriental Trading Company and made the tags using the printable package that I bought.

I love the picture of him that we used on the invite and was excited to display it at the party!

These lollipops of astronauts and planet Earth were a cute centerpiece and a big hit at the party.

Couldn't resist having moon pies at the party!

Cheese puffs made great asteroids.

Powdered doughnuts were tasty Saturn rings

Fruit kebobs are such a hit with the kids and we called these spaceships on a stick.

Sarah Graves had the idea we should serve fruit punch and name it rocket fuel. I think she will be a great party planner!

I just love the printed water bottle labels! They make it so fun and personal.

I found a space shuttle piƱata on Amazon.

By far the best entertainment was the inflatable waterside! It was lots of fun and a big hit with the birthday boy.

I always make iced sugar cookies for the kids' birthdays. This year I did C's, 3's, and rocket ships! Unfortunately, after making 150 cookies, I left them at home! I was quite upset, but Charlie brought them to school to share with his friends and I think they thoroughly enjoyed them.

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