Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kindergarten Kid

We are now over a month into the school year and I think Sarah Graves is settling in. Kindergarten has been an adjustment for her. There have been lots of changes being at a new school, making new friends, lots of new rules to follow, and having new teachers. She likes her teachers, but they have high expectations for the kids and she has had to work to meet them.
I can tell she is learning a lot! Her reading has already made huge strides and she is working hard to master new concepts like using a calendar. Her Spanish vocabulary is improving, too!
The hardest part has been learning to listen, stay on task, and follow directions. Sarah Graves tends to get fidgety when it's time to sit and she often wants to rush through her work to do what she wants to do. Her class uses super sticks as a positive rewards system for the kids. You get super sticks when you help someone, are kind, go above and beyond, etc. She has been really motivated to earn more super sticks and be able to have enough to go to the treasure box at the end of the week. There are different levels of treasure depending on how many super sticks you have. She really wants one of the bigger prizes and she has been diligently working to get more super sticks each day! I love seeing how motivated she is to do well. 
She recently had a great day and earned 4 super sticks. I was so excited for her and kept talking about how good she must feel having such a great day and she said, "I only did it to make you, my teachers, and Lovie happy." I wish that she had wanted it just for herself, but it was sweet that she recognized that she could do something to make others happy. She then mentioned that she had filled my bucket by doing that. The classes all read a book at the beginning of the year about doing nice things to fill up someone else's bucket. She and Charlie like to make note of when they have done something to fill my bucket and I in turn tell them how they fill my bucket. 


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