Monday, August 10, 2015

First Beach Day!

The kids were super excited to get out on the beach and start playing. The water was full of seaweed, which was a little disappointment, but they quickly moved on to "sand baking."
SG and Charlie were some of the hardest working kids on the beach!

Charlie found his method for playing in the sand without being in the sand.

He quickly realized it was way more fun to just to get down in it!

Olivia had no problem getting down in the sand! Nay was a bit overwhelmed by her baby immersed in sand and happily tasting it!

A baby hammock intended to be a place to lay Olivia became a fun seat for Sissy! Olivia was oh so not impressed with it!

Sissy wanted to be buried, but seemed to think that meant laying on her tummy. So we buried her like that and Nay gave her a mermaid tail!

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