Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beach Photos

We wanted to get some pictures while we were at the beach and a family friend who happens to be named Natalie came over to take the pictures. Here are some of the cute, but sort of random shots we took.

I just love these pictures of Pops and Charlie with the hat! I love them both so much and love the special times they get to spend together.

Caught them both sitting at the same time-no easy feat!

In the natural mode-running wild!

So precious!

Pretty Livy with Pops

My big girl looking so pretty.

After the photo shoot Natalie and her daughter, Mia went to dinner with us. It was great to catch up on their life in Florida and let the girls play.

Dinner and Barbies. There could be no greater joy.

Mia was Sissy's first friend and they had such a good time together at dinner. They both kept wanting the other to be their cousin!

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