Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Saturday Night Family Fun

A couple of weeks ago we had dinner at Lovie and Pops'. Highlights of the evening included giving Olivia her first bath and the kids being chased by a snake!

Olivia's first bath was a team effort and she was such a trooper! She patiently let Sarah Graves and Nay bathe her and calmly looked around at everyone. We couldn't find the baby bathtub, so a plastic bin had to do!

Pops started a raucous game of chase as he chased the kids around with the play tunnel pretending to be a snake that wanted to gobble them up! There was pure joy as they ran around and were sometimes caught by the snake and quickly spit back out! It was loud and rowdy, but they all had a blast doing it!

Here they are after calming down a bit!

Sweet cousins all together! I can't wait for them to all be able to play together and run and laugh like I remember doing with my cousins.

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