Saturday, January 31, 2015

Big Boy Bed

After several weeks of perfecting his skill at climbing out of the crib, we decided to take one side off so that Charlie could safely get in and out. His method for climbing out of the crib was a feat of acrobatics! He put his hands on one side and began walking his feet up the other side until he could get his toes over the edge. Then, he would use the end of the crib to walk his hands over and finally lower himself down. I have wondered how many nights he sat in his crib thinking up that strategy!

Transitioning out of the crib has been interesting. He definitely feels like he can just get up as he pleases. Sarah Graves was out of the crib for about a year before she would just get out of bed on her own! We still rock and nurse to sleep, but on those nights when he doesn't fall asleep like that, it is a series of redirecting him back to bed before he finally goes to sleep. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning he usually comes into our bed and happily finds his spot in the middle. If he lays down and goes right to sleep, we are happy to have him! The nights where he feels like having a song fest are a different story. Nothing like having a two year old belting out jingle bells in your face at three in the morning!

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Sarah said...

Such a big guy! I can't believe he is already in a big-boy bed!