Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Morning!

Santa came! Charlie was worried that Santa wouldn't bring him any presents. In fact, our conversation went something like 
Charlie: Santa not bring me any presents
Me: Santa isn't going to bring you anything?
Charlie: No, I sad he not bring me any presents.
Me: Really? None?
Charlie: Christmas is soon. I sad.
Well, I would say that Santa remembered each of them quite well.

Sarah Graves was really wanting more Barbie toys this year. She was very clear that she wanted a Barbie cruise ship. That was her first request and she stuck with it. She also got a Barbie babysitter set complete with a baby that wets its diapers when you feed it water, an astronaut Barbie, and a mermaid Barbie. Her other things included a set of magnet toys, an Elsa doll that sings, and some small Frozen dolls.

Charlie asked for Olaf and books. He received a stuffed Olaf with a blanket, a set of Caillou books, and a new book about a train. He also got a set of power tools that make noises, a gas pump for his Cozy Coupe, a Go Go Smart Wheels train set, and a set of magnet toys. 

To share, Santa brought them a food cart filled with wooden food for a hot dog stand or an ice cream stand. He also brought a set of Duplos and play tunnels.

Sarah Graves picked out an ornament with Tigger on it for Charlie and she was so proud to give it to him. I think he knew it too and he loves it. It has a pull string and moves. He just marvels at it.

Maw Maw and GG went together and got them a trampoline for the basement! It is 8 feet in diameter and about 18 inches off the ground. They love being able to get on and off so easily and it's big enough that they can really jump without falling off. Lot os fun!

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