Friday, June 9, 2017

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The new Braves stadium opened super close to us and it was fun to go to a game! We went with my team from work and it was the kids' first Braves game ever. They were really excited about it and I was pleased that they were into it.
The stadium is close to Home Depot's office, so they offer a convenient shuttle for employees. The kids liked riding the bus!

They were so excited to be there and there was a lot of excitement with a brass band playing, activities for kids, and lots of pregame fun. 

After trying out some games, winning prizes, and riding the zip line, they were ready for snacks!

Charlie quickly got sleepy after he ate. He curled up in his seat and went sound to sleep before the game even started! He is a sweet boy.

 Sissy enjoyed all the activities during the game, especially the tomahawk chop! She was sad that we left early, but they had their last day of school the next day.

I expect we will be back for another game!

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