Monday, March 20, 2017

Six Flags Opening Day!

We have been looking forward to opening day at Six Flags! Aaron was down with the flu, but Lovie and Livy were happy to go!
After a really warm winter it felt odd to get bundled up in March!
On our favorite ride (that we can all ride), Harley Quinn! We had to ride twice because the first time we were in car #7 and it didn't move. Our second time we got car #4 and it is always spiny!
These three cuties had fun!


They only want to ride on this boat because it is "LSU"!


Cutie truck drivers!

Livy wanted to ride anything the kids rode! She was a little nervous when the Twee House went up, but she hung in there! 

We definitely missed Aaron, but we had a fun time! And I am definitely glad mom was with us! We are looking forward to many more visits this season!

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