Monday, February 15, 2016

Nothing in your nose!

The day after Sarah Graves' party we were all tired and ready to relax. Sarah Graves had lots of new toys and wanted to spend her time checking them out. Charlie got a little jealous of her paying more attention to toys than she was to him, so he pulled a container of perler beads off the table!
She ran off crying about what he did and Aaron and I started trying to clean up the little beads that went EVERYWHERE! While we were cleaning up, Charlie started complaining that something was in his nose. He got a stool and checked it in the mirror, but couldn't determine the problem. He was getting more vocal about it and worrying more, so Aaron grabbed a flashlight and took a look. He saw one of the tiny beads in Char's nose. It was visible and he thought he could grab it with a pair of tweezers. Charlie freaked out when Aaron went near his nose with the tweezers and ended up sucking it up further. We called Lovie to come take a look and see what she thought, but by then you couldn't see the bead anymore and we weren't able to get it out on our.
The next morning we headed to the pediatrician to let them take it out. Unfortunately, the pediatrician took one look and said he couldn't get it out. He recommended we go to Children's to let an urgent care doctor remove it. He said we could leave it in, but it would get infected and develop a horrible smell. We headed straight to urgent care!
We had to wait for them to open, so Charlie chose to go on a feeding frenzy. On top of the breakfast he had at home, he ate pretzels, a biscuit, a hash brown, and a orange juice! I think he's a stress eater! Once the urgent care opened, we quickly saw a doctor and they were really nice to Charlie. He stayed very relaxed while the doctor looked in his nose. She couldn't see the bead, but decided to use a tool that doesn't have a name, but looked like a bulb aspirator with a tube on the end. She used it twice to try to pull the bead out, but didn't have any luck. Charlie was very upset during this part.
The doctor recommended we wait until the bead was infected - we would know by the horrific smell, and then go to an ENT to see about getting it out. She believed it had already come out or he swallowed it. I felt certain it ws still in there. Charlie kept crying even after they left the room and was very upset. He finally told me it hurt when he touched his nose. Once he calmed down he was willing to accept the popsicle the nurses had been offering him. As we were walking to the nurse's desk, he had two really big sneezes and the bead was there at the edge of his nose. I quickly grabbed it so that it couldn't get sucked back in! We were all relieved to have it out!
He was all smiles eating his popsicle on the way home!
Since then he has reminded me a couple of times and I have overheard him telling Sissy that you never put things in your nose!

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