Monday, December 7, 2015


We had a pretty relaxing Thanksgiving day. We watched the parade, did some cooking, and headed over to Lovie and Pops' for lunch. 
Charlie helped mix up all the cornbread for the dressing and for cornbread muffins. He was really a good helper and started to get the hang of cracking an egg!

While Charlie was great at mixing up the batter, my baking it was a little lacking. I needed a really big pan of it to make the dressing and when the timer went off, it looked done. I set it aside to cool and planned to make the dressing the next morning. Sissy and I were going to start crumbling it and wouldn't you know, it wasn't done through the middle! It was still a little gooey and not dry enough to crumble! I stuck it back in the oven for a while and let it finish baking. It turned out fine, but I was nervous it might not turn out!

Turkey and pumpkin jell-o for my   turkeys!

Sissy helped me make Grancy's chocolate pie recipe! She loves it when Grancy makes it and I hoped to do it justice.

The verdict was we did a good job!

These cuties!

Charlie didn't get his usual nap and was worn out by the time we finished dinner. Poor buddy, still needs that sleep.

Mom, Jeanne', Olivia, and I headed out for Black Friday shopping; Pops and Sarah Graves headed out for their shopping; and Charlie and Aaron headed home to hang out. We had a good time shopping and enjoyed the official start of the Christmas season!

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